What is Webservice .

In this session i have discussed the Webs ervice in .NET.

Web Service:

A web service is a component that implements program logic and provides functionality for disparate applications . These applications uses protocols , such as http and soap to access the functionality provided by the web service.

The use of xml makes the web services platform , language and vender independent . A web service provides the concept of loosely coupled application . It obtains the information about other web services and integrates them at run time depending on the request of the client .

Why do we use web services:

The main purpose is to communication of different machine/application on different platform Suppose that you have developed a website and you also want to develop a app in android for this website then how could you communicate with data of website with app . In this case you have need to develope web serives and communicate with android app by calling url of web services .

There is no matter what platform and language you are using to develop the web site .

for example amazon and flipkart uses the web services for getting the data on app.

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