What is WCF .

In this session i have discussed the windows communication foundation in .NET.

Windows Communication Foundation:

WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation. The main feature of WCF is interoperability just like web service. It is one of the latest technologies of Microsoft that is used to build service-oriented applications. It is used the concept of message-based communication . WCF was released in 2006 as a part of the .NET framework with Windows Vista .

The use of xml makes the wcf platform , language and vender independent . Wcf provides the concept of loosely coupled application .

Advantages of WCF:

It is interoperable with respect to other services means this is not necessary both the client and service have . NET platform . In .NET Remoting both the client and the service must have . NET platform.

WCF services offer enhanced reliability as well as security in comparison to ASMX (Active Server Methods) web services.

Implementing the security model and binding change in WCF do not require a major change in coding. Just a few configuration changes is required to meet the constraints.

WCF has integrated AJAX and support for JSON (JavaScript object notation).

It has a default security mechanism which is extremely robust.

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