SQL-Server-Procedure .

In this session i have discussed the SQL Server Procedure .

A stored procedure is prepared sql server code that you can save inside the sql server and reuse again and again . Suppose you have a sql server query of some lines of code write over and over again just save the query as sql server stored procedure and call it to execute the sql code .

Advantages : There are following advantages of using stored procedure .




4-Imporve Performance

1-Reuasebility -Store Procedures allow developers to write SQL statements once and use them repeatedly and share the data multiple times .

2-Speed - Stored Procedure compile only once during creation . So You do not need to compile every time due to this it will increase the speed of execution .

3-Security - Stored Procedure is very important in security purpose . In Stored Procedure there are no direct accesses to the tables, it prevents unauthorized manipulation of records inside the tables .

4-Improve Performance - A Stored procedure can reduce the stress and load to the bandwidth and server. The procedure accepts limited and meaningful amount of data through its predefined parameters,

Disadvantages : There are following disadvantages of Stored Procedure .



1-Debugging - Debugging is not very easy work in stored procedure .

2-Expensive - Stored Procedure is very expensive .

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