Welcome to world of .net

.NET is a platform not a language.which provide the environment for developer to build the many types of application.

.NET platform provide the facility you can use multiple languages like C#,F#,Python,Java,Oxygen etc.

Types of Application.

There are 4 types of application supported by .NET as follows.

Desktop Application.

Desktop application is also known as stand alone application or window application.The desktop application we need to install on every machine for run..

Web Application.

An application that run inside the server is called the web application.We can create the web application in .NET with asp.net and mvc.

Distributed Application.

A distributed application is the application which is run into multiple computer connected with network in order to achieve the particular goal.In .NET we have to create distributed application with the web services,remoting and wcf. example of distributed application is telecommunication.

Mobile Application.

An application that is for mobile is called the mobile application.We can develop the android,IPhone,windows phone in .net.

Advantages of .NET

1-Simple and faster system development.

2-Rich object model.

3-Many different ways to communicate with outside world.

4-Multiple language support in one platform.

5-Easy deployment and execution.

6-Interoperability with existing application.

7-Simple and easy to build the development tool.

8-Better performance.

9-Wide range of scalibility.

Disadvantages of .NET

1-Limited Object Relational (OR)support.

2-Slower than native code.

3-Expensive in migration of apps in case .NET.

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