Features of java .

In this session i have discussed features in Java .

Java is very much secure and portable programming language . It is key features in java . Java has some other features that play the very important role .

Java features are as follows .

1-Simple .

2-Object oriented .

3-Robust .

4-Platform Independent .

5-Secure .

6-Multithreading .

7-Architecture Neutral .

8-Portable .

9-High Performance .


Java is very easy to learn and it syntax is simple to understand . Java is very simple because of following reason .

Java syntax is based on c++ . So it is very easy to some who already learn c++ .

Java has automatic garbage collection that automatically remove the unreferenced object .

Java has removed some rarly used feature like explicit pointer and operator overloading .

2-Object oriented

Java is object oriented programming language . Object oriented programming is a methodology that is useful for software development and maintainance .

Object oriented has following concept .

a)Object .

b)Class .

c)Abstraction .

d)Encapsulation .

f)Inheritance .

g)Polymorphism .


Java is a robust that means strong . The following point make the java robust .

Java has strong memory management .

Java has exception handling and type checking mechanism that point make the java robust .

Java has automatic garbage collection that free memory from unused object .

Java has no pointer so it remove the security problem .

4-Platform Independent

Java is platform independent because of bytecode . The java code compiled by compiler and converted into bytecode . The bytecode is platform independent code that can run on multiple platform like Windows , Linux and Mac oprating system . i.e write once and run anywhere (WORA).


Java is highly secured programming language . Java is first choice for security . It is secure because the java program run in java runtime envoronment with null interaction with OS . It is enable us to develop virus free and temper free system .


The multithreading is used to run the multiple task simultaneously using multiple thread . A thread is a seperate program . Thread share the memory space and other resources at the same time like ms word , In ms word we type the content , spelling and grammer checking also done at the same time .

7-Architecture Neutral

Java is architecture neutral . Java compiler generats bytecode which have nothing to do with computer architecture . Hence java program can easly interpret on any machine .


Java is portable because of bytecode . We can easly carried bytecode and run on any machine . We do not need to change anything .

9-High Performance

Java is interpred language so it is never be very fast from compiled language like C , C++ . But java has very high performance with just-in-time(jit) compiler .

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