Java-Application .

In this session i have discussed java application .

According to Sun Mircosoft 3 billian devices run Java .

Types of Java Application

There are following types of java application

1-Desktop application

2-Web application

3-Enterprise application

4-Mobile application

1-Desktop Application

Java provides Abstract Window Toolkit and swing for development of desktop application . acrobat reader , media player etc are example of java desktop application.

2-Web Application

Java provides the servlet , jsp , spring, hibernate , struts for development of web application . It is server side application and create dynamic web pages such as

3-Enterprise Application

Java provides EJB for development of enterprise applications . It is in distributed in nature . It is basically used in banking system .

4-Mobile Application

Java provides the android and java me for development of mobile application .

The application developed by java used as following area .

1-Embeded system .

2-Games .

3-Smart card .

4-Web applicaction i.e .

5-Desktop application i.e acrobat reader .

6-Robotics .

7-Banking .

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