What is android

Android is a operating systm that designed for the mobile , smart phone and tablet etc.

It is base on Linux operating system.

It is open source . so you do not have need to pay the money.

You can change the source code because it is open source.

Android is developed by Google. The initial date of release is 23 sept 2008.

Java language is mainly used to develope android application.

We may use the other language like c++ , c# etc .

Features of android

Autocorrection and dictionary:

It is a very interesting feature in android when you misspelled the word it display the meaningful and correct word matching the word that are available in diectionary.Users can add, edit and remove words from Dictionary as per their wish

Voice based feature:

Google search through voice has been available since initial release.[5] Voice actions for calling etc.

Screen Capturing:

Android supports capturing a screenshot by pressing the power and home-screen buttons at the same time .


This is very important feature with the help of this feature you can make your andorid mobile as a wi-fi by which any body can take the internet connection from your mobile


with the help of this feature you can send or retrieve the music or file from one mobile to another.

Multi language support:

It supports multiple language .

TV recording:

Android TV can record the video and you can watch later on.


Android support multi tasking like you can listen music and chat with your friend at the same time.

Web browser:

The web browser is available in android.

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