Hello World Program In Android

In this section i am going to show you how to create the hello world program in android

Here i am using android studio as IDE

First of all open the android studio and then click on file->new->new project:

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After that the dialog box will be display .Where you need to give the info like

Application Name:name of your android application.

Company Domain:Write the company domain if you have not than you write any valid company domain.

Project Location:Here you need the drive where you want to store the project.

After giving the info you press the next button.

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A new dialog will be display here .Where you check the phone and tablet checkbox.And than press the next button.

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Again a new dialog will be display here .Where you select the empty activity. And click on next button

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Again a new dialog will be display here .

Activity Name:here you need to write your activity name.

Layout Name:here you need to write your layout name.

But you do nott worry and directly click the finish.

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After that your project successfully created.And your project look like this.

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And this is your code that you will see in above picture.

package com.example.ambujsingh.myapplication;
import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity;
import android.os.Bundle;
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity{
protected void onCreate(Bundle saveInstanceState){

After finished all the work you need to create the apk file. apk file is the file that you install your mobile.

For apk you simple go to build menu and click on the build apk. And than you will find the a little dialog box at the lower right corner that is look like this.

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After that you click at locate and than a new dialog box will display and where you find the apk file.

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And connect your mobile with your system and copy the apk file and paste in your mobile internal storage. And in your mobile you go to File Manager and where you find your apk and double click on you apk file it will install in your mobile and like other app it will be shown in your mobile.

What is android architecture for video click here.

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