What is ASP.NET .

In this session i have discussed the what is asp.net.

Active Server Page:

asp.net is a server side application framework that is used to create the server side web pages like php , jsp etc. It is the extension of asp technology . It is developed by Microsoft Company that allow the programmer to develop server side pages .

The asp.net was first released in January 2002 with version 1.0 of the .NET Framework .

asp.net uses the languages like C# , VB.NET , JavaScript , J# .

Advantages of ASP.NET:

1-Asp.net applications are secured with the help of windows authentication and per application configuration .

2-Asp.net framework is language independent so you can select any language which is best suited for you .

3-The deployment of asp.net is very easy and simple because of built in configuration .

4-Caching is the feature of asp.net with the help of caching we can make the page loading fast beacause the page store in a seperate cache memeory .

5-Ajex is the feature of asp.net with the help of ajax we can send the request of particular portion of the page on server .

6-If you are going to develop larg application asp.net reduce the no of line of code .

7-The content and program logic are seperate in asp.net so program is very much convenient .

8-.NET Framework gives the alert message for memory leak so you can restart you asp.net page .

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