Android Archicture

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Android architecture can be divide into five layer.They are as follows

  1. Linux kernel
  2. Libraries
  3. Android Runtime
  4. Application Framework
  5. Application

Linux Kernel:.

The Linux kernal is the heart and soul of operating system It is abstraction layer between hardware and operating system.

It supports varities of drivers like bluetooth driver,camera driver ,display driver ,usb driver etc .

The Kernal does not interact directly with the user .It is interact with the shell and other programs.


On top of Linux kernel there are a set of libraries like SQLite is a database which is used to store the application data.

The ssl libraries are resposible for internet security .

The Android platform provides java framewordk apis to expose the functionality of some of these native libraries to app for example you can access open GLES through the android framework java OpenGL API to add support for drawing and manipulating 2D and 3D graphics in your app.

Android Runtime:

The android runtime provides a key component called Dalvic Virtual Machine . It is a software that run android app on android device . It is designed for android and just like jvm in java.

Android Framework:

Framework means everything readymade . So the android framework provide lots of classess and interfaces that the android developer can use to develop the android application . For example View-it is used to create the application user interface.


You will find all the android application at the top layer . You will write your application to be install on this layer.

What is android architecture for video click here.

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