What is ADO.NET .

In this session i have discussed the what is ado.net.

Activex Data Object:

ADO.NET is a set of classes that is integral part of the .NET Framework . ADO.NET exposes to access data from different sources for the .NET Framework programmers . ADO.NET includes .NET Framework data providers for connecting to a database , executing the commands and retrieving result .

1-ADO.NET stands for Activex Data Objects .

2-ADO.NET uses xml to store and transfer data among application .

3-ADO.NET is a technology of .NET Framework which is used to connect application system and database server .

4-ADO.NET is a bridge between front end as application system and back end as database .

Advantages of ADO.NET:

Interoperability- ADO.NET is interoperable because it store and transfer the data in xml format . Xml is understand by all the system .

Firewall- The ADO.NET transmit the data in xml format so it can easly pass through firewall

Performance- The performance of ado.net is higher than ado .

Scalability- The ability to serve number of clients without degrading system performance is called the scalability . ADO.NET uses disconnected dataset as the paradigm for data exchange due to this ado.net is much scalable .

Disadvantages of ADO.NET

1-There is limited data providers .

2-You can not utilize from unmanaged code

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