What is Entity Framework .

In this session i have discussed the Entity framework in .NET.

Entity-Framework :

ADO.NET Entity Framework is an Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that work with various relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MYSQL etc.  It consider data as business objects and entities .

What is ORM : object relation mapping is programming technique in which a metadata descriptor is used to describe object code to relational database . Object code is written in any object oriented programming languages like c# , java etc.

Advantages of Entity Framework :

1-Productivity : It take up 35 percent of code of entire application . So it make the developer life easier . inspite of their limitations .

2-Maintainbility : It make maintainance easy because you have need to write less code for retrieving data from database and inserting record into database .

3-Performance : It is little bit slow due to its complexity for first request . But after first request it become fast .

4-Drag & Drop : It is very easy to map business object(drag and drop table) .

Disadvantages of Entity Framework :

1-Lazy loading is main draw back of entity framework .

2-Code is very complex .

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