C++ Tokens

In this session i have discussed Tokens in C++ .

A Token is a smallest individual unit in C++ program that is meaningfull to the compiler . It can be classified as following .

1-Keywords (eg. int , float etc)

2-Identifiers (eg. name , x , y)

3-Constants (eg. 10 , 20)

4-Strings (eg. "total","Ram")

5-Special Symbols (eg. [] , {})

6-Operators (eg. + , - / , *)

1-Keywords :

Keyword is a predefined or reserved word in C++ . You can not use the keyword as variable name .

We have already learned the keyword in details . Pls click on Keyword link for more info .

2-Identifiers :

Identifiers refers names such as variable , function , structure etc in C++ .

Identifiers identifies the entities like variable , function , structure etc in C++ .

We have already discuss the identifier . Pls for more info click on Identifier link .

3-Constants :

Constants are the values assigned to variable in C++ program . It is also called literal . There are many types of literal given below .

3.1-Integer Literals .

3.2-Real Literals .

3.3-Single Character Literals .

3.4-String Literals .

3.5-Backslash Literals .

3.1-Integer Literals :

Integer Literals refers to digits . They can be divide into two categories such as decimal integers(123,987654321) and hexadecimal integers(0x2,0x9F) .

3.2-Real Literals :

Real Literals are represented by the number containg the fractional parts like 20.34 etc .

3.3-Single Character Literals :

The Single Character Literals are represented by the character in pair of single quote marks like 's' , '5' etc .

3.4-String Literals :

The String Literals is represented by the sequence of character in pair of double quote marks like "hello" , "abc" etc .

3.5-Backslash Character Literals :

It is used for make the output good in C++ .

Backslash character
Form feed
New line
Carriage return
Horizontal tab
Double quote
Single quote
Vertical tab
Alert or bell
Question mark
Octal constant
Hexadecimal constant


The String Literals is represented by the sequence of character in pair of double quote marks like "hello" , "abc" etc

5-Special Symbol

There are some useful special symbols as follows .


It is used in array for element reference .

5.2-Curly Bracket{}

The opening and ending curly braces marks the start and end of a block of code containing more than one executable statement. It is also use in switch case function etc .


It is used to indicate function calls and function parameters.


An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform a certain mathematical or logical manipulation. Operators are used in programs to manipulate data and variables . The value or variable is called the operand on which the operators perform action .

    int main{
        int x,y,sum;
        cout<<"Sum : "<<sum;
        return 0;
    OUTPUT : Sum : 30

the + is operator . x and y is the operand .

We will discuss the operator details in next chapter .

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