Destructor-in-C++ .

In this session i have discussed destructor in C++ .

Destructor , It is clear from name , It is used to destroy the object that is created by constructor . Like constructor the destructor name same as class name but preceded by the tild .

Destructor do not take any argument . It does not return any value . You do not need to call the constructor . It will be implicitly call by the compiler . It will free the memory space for future use . So it is good practice to use the destructor in your program .

Destructor syntax

    ~A(); //Destructor declared

Destructor :

Example :Write a program that demonstrate the use of destructor in C++ .

    using namespace std;  
    class A
        public :
                cout<<"\nObject created";
            void show()
                cout<<"\nThis is show()";
                cout<<"\nObject destroyed";
    int main()
        A obj;;
        return 0;
   OUTPUT : Object is created 
            This is show()
            Object is destroyed

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