Characterstics-of-C++ .

In this session i have discussed characterstics of C++ .

C++ is the extension of C . You can write more than 90% code of C in C++ .

C++ has following featuers .

1-Simple .

2-Portable .

3-Rich Library .

4-Less Compile Time .

5-Reusability .

6-Dynamic Memory Allocation


8-Object Oriented Programming .


C++ is a very easy language to learn .


C++ is portable language . You can write the program in one computer and easly run on another computer with little or no modification .

3-Rich Library

C++ provide the rich library . That means much more inbuilt functions by which you can easly develope your software .

4-Less Compile Time

C++ is very fast in speed . So it is take less time to compile the program .


Throgh the inheritance you reuse the existing code .

6-Dynamic Memory Allocation

In C++ you can allocate the memroy and free the memory at run time .


C++ allows to use the pointer efficiently .

8-Object Oriented Programming .

C++ is object oriented programming language . In OOPs the large programs break into small programs that is called the module . Developers can easly maintain and extends the software . It very tough task in procedural oriented programming when project grow in size. We will discuss the OPPs in details Later chapter .

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