Characterstics of C langauge .

In this session i have discussed characterstics of c language .

Characterstics of c language

1-It is robust language because it has built in function and operators that we can used to write any complex program .

2-C is a middle level language, which means it combines the features of high level language with the functionality of an assembly language .

3-C is portable which means we can write the program in one computer and run to another computer with little or no modification .

4- C is modular, which means C programs can be divided into small modules, which are much easier to understand.

5-There are 32 keywords and several standard functions are available by which we can develop programs in easy way .

6-C is basically collection of functions which is supported by C library . You can also create your own function and add in C library .

7-It is many time faster than BASIC .

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